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Originally Posted by 2tallnwide View Post
ahhh, no wonder, you wear panties...thanks for clearing that up.

When I approach slower riders I always try to give them a chance to be courteous first. If it's safe to pass I'll go that route, if they are being total asshats, it's not safe to pass, and it starts ruining my ride I usually just stop, or change directions for a while.

If anyone pulls up on me during a ride I allow them to pass ASAP. Because I want them to enjoy their own ride, don't like anyone following too close, and more importantly, do not want them to try a stupid pass that'll get us all in a bind

Hah,NICE!! I knew that someone would quote it like that after I hit submit.

I agree with the underlined part. There seems to be a misunderstanding here. Are we discussing blocking or are we discussing simply not being accommodating? I am referring to the latter. There is zero excuse for intentional blocking unless you are a LEO.
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