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Originally Posted by PhilB View Post
The situation is not symmetrical. The guy who wants to pass is NOT interfering in any way with the person who wants a slower ride. He just wants to be allowed to go on his way, and leave the other guy to ride however he wants, and thus each gets his own way, and BOTH can be happy with their respective rides. The slow guy who blocks the faster guy, OTOH, is being an ass, because he is not content to enjoy his own ride in his own way and let others do the same.

But it is symmetrical. Both simply want to enjoy their ride and to do so without being f'ed with. If the passer expects the slower rider to pull into a pull-off then the person pulling over IS having their ride interfered with. I am by no means defending intentional blocking, merely pointing out that expecting others to get off of "your" road so that you can act like Johnny Racer Boy unencumbered isn't a reasonable expectation. Getting angry that they are simply riding along while obeying the law is illogical and unwarranted.
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