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Originally Posted by See-Three View Post
I dont think the soot has anything to do with too much slow riding. I put on 12k in the month of July when i rode the TAT and have been riding hard since. Speedo gear stripped on me at the end of July but i have been ridding hard since

I'm probably running rich, as i've been struggling to get the right jetting since i did the 3x3mod...

Anyway, the hole reason I opened her up was to figure out why i've been hearing more engine noise. After watching some Youtube videos I thought I had a loose counter balance nut, but i've already checked that and it's still tight. Next of possibilitys was a stretched cam chain, I am still using the stock 2000 tensioner. After inspecting the cam chain it seemed tight and judging by the soot or whatever crap is all over everything the tensioner wasn't even fully extended.

I've also been getting a bunch of crap in the oil filter. Metal shavings, something red and some black stuff.

Any ideas whats going on with my DRZ? how do i check the cam chain guides for excessive wear?

My plan as of now is to replace the cam chain and the tensioner with a updated ACCT
You might want to use a magnet to help identify the metal bits. Steel or aluminum? Can you describe the noise it's been making? Does it make the noise in neutral while revving it up? Is the clutch operating up to par?
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