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Originally Posted by Ginger Beard View Post
Hah,NICE!! I knew that someone would quote it like that after I hit submit.

I agree with the underlined part. There seems to be a misunderstanding here. Are we discussing blocking or are we discussing simply not being accommodating? I am referring to the latter. There is zero excuse for intentional blocking unless you are a LEO.
Glad you read it in jest as I intended as well...

To me if a faster rider is on your tail, and you continue riding your ride ignoring it, you are blocking. Ease over a little, and wave them on through, it's not only courteous, but the smart thing to do.

We were riding the Dragon one afternoon 2up just enjoying the scenery. Two guys came up on us pretty quickly, I simply eased over to the right, and waved them past. Then I decided to stay with them for a spell, it was fun until the whack upside my helmet came from the rear...
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