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For two days after this bike was released (last week), it's like I had taken rhino horn--I was hard as a rock for this bike and would've paid the king's ransom to have it.

But, the excitement has worn off.

I love BMW and have for years. I've owned 1150 / 1200 GSAs and loved them. I'm a little tired of BMW progressing their tech to the point of over-complication. My 1150 was cake to work on. The 1200 was harder because of CANBUS but still not a big deal. But I fear this new bike is going to be $20k plus the sexy options that I want and that's just too damned much.

At this point, I'm thinking a used 1200GSA or finding a used Tiger Explore or Tenere. The Tiger has a wet clutch, triple cyl, etc.

Anyway, not that any of you care. . .
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