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Originally Posted by Rajin Cajun View Post
I just don't get the hatred for Kimi? It was qualifying, some wrecked, he spun. Big deal, that's racing and if they wouldn't wait till the last second to cross the line and get a Hot lap in this conversation wouldn't even be happening. I personally think there are a few others on the grid that warrant more scrutiny than Kimi. Grosjean comes to mind but I'm sure we could come up with a few others if we tried really hard.

And having seen the Grosjean vs. Whiney Webber, I don't see how Webber is placing (other then Grosjean being an easy target) all the blame on another driver.

Webber was going into the corner hot (duh) and someone else was on the outside edge of the corner. Webber checked up (duh again, he had to) moving down towards the inside of the corner. Grosjean was charging into the corner (cue the duh yet again as it is a race, even in the first lap) and when Webber came down he left Grosjean very little to do. Could Grosjean have slammed on the brakes? Yeah, and that would have done what to everyone behind? Was Webber ahead of Grosjean at the time of the incident? Yeah. But guess what, Webber has mirrors and KNOWS what Webber is about to do. Grosjean didn't know what Webber was going to do.

It was a RACING incident. Webber needs to pull up the big boy underwear and march on.


Racing, Incident. 10 second stop and go reflected that.
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