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Originally Posted by Klay View Post
I was looking at the SymWolf, too, but I couldn't come up with a reason to have it when my DR200 can do most of what it does as a road bike. Still fascinated by these types of bikes.
I have an XT225. But the thing that got my attention about the SymWolf 150 was first it's styling, and the fact that it has a centerstand. Even the Symba would be a real problem on a long distance ride without a centerstand. Lack of one could even get you into big trouble much closer to home. I might very well already own a TU250 if it had a centerstand. My XT225 has an aftermarket centerstand (unfortunately probably no longer available, as the guy that was making them decided to quit), a kickstarter from a TTR-225, a 4 gallon Clarke gas tank, and a really nice rack. I use it mostly for off road riding.

I am now more interested in the Symba, now that it is rated to carry 300 pounds instead of 200 pounds. That extra 100 pounds makes all the difference. Just like the scooter, I would not be trying to ride it around the world. I'm afraid my physical condition would prevent that. But trips around 1000 miles are definitely doable, and where the Symba has it all over a 125cc scooter is it's manual transmission, which allows it to climb mountains which are off limits to my two 125cc CVT scooters.

I have noticed something a lot of people have in common when talking about riding small motorcycles and scooters, and that is their lack of "reserve" power. While that is true, to me it is just something you have to deal with when riding these small bikes, and is one of the major differences between riding a small bike and a much larger one. I have had major issues trying to ride a 50cc scooter in town, due to it's low speed, and especially it's lack of acceleration. You can literally get run over from behind when the light turns green before you have moved 5 feet. Because of this, I no longer try to ride 50cc scooters in town. But, I put over 10,000 miles on an '07 Honda Met out on rural roads, most of them with a speed limit of 65 mph, and never felt like I was in danger. Just like riding a bicycle, you have to accept that you cannot outrun traffic, and learn to deal with it in a different way.

I have ridden my XT225 on interstate highways for thousands of miles, at an indicated speed of about 60 mph, with almost nothing in reserve (It will top 70 , but takes forever to get from 60 to 70) I ride in the right lane, wear a solid white helmet and an orange reflective vest (the most common colors for road construction workers) and just cruise a long. There have been a couple of times when I have seen vehicles coming up too close to me from behind, and I moved over on to the shoulder. When I did, both times they moved over into the left lane and passed. On a really small bike, there is just no way you are going to be able to keep up with traffic, even on roads with low speed limits. My Vino 125, Zuma 125, and Stella keep up fine in town, but no way will they be able to keep up on any road with a speed limit over 45.

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