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Originally Posted by EJ_92606 View Post
BMW has stated the base price will be the same or less than previous model, however, they may throw the cost of ABS into that number since it is now standard, not sure. So it should be quite a bit less than $18k in the US at least. So somewhere between $15,500 and $16,500 perhaps? But there are tons of options and you know they ain't gonna be cheap, so fully loaded ya, over $20,000.
Right, that's exactly my point.

$15,500 is doable. Even a grand more, sure. I don't finance anything so the lower outlay of cash the better.

The problem is: I want it all. LED, cruise, etc. No ESA, so I guess "not all."

But you add the LED, cruise, panniers, and then a few signature farks to make it your own? Then tax-title-doc fee-license-insurance?

Sheeeiit, it's too damned much.

Then you compare it to a private party 2nd hand bike and all of a sudden you can afford to wait 5 years for the "new" model.
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