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In reading through the .pdf that BMW released, I noticed what may amount to a significant change to engine longevity. The main crankshaft bearings have been reduced in diameter by 5 mm, and the connecting rods have had their width shaved at the crank. All of this adds up to higher stresses on the bearings, which leads to greater wear in a given timeframe. It'll be interesting to see how it all plays out against the current boxer engine.
They have been making small bearing cranks for years without there being issues. In the same specs you will see the crank is made of different material. It's all in the name of lower friction better fuel economy. Lower friction to me says lower wear. In a perfect world the crank should never touch the bearing. Large bearings are from the days of poor oil and pumps. Will you be able to use the old 20w50 dino juice? Probably not. Wait this is going to turn into a which oil now :-(
It's quite funny really, there are two distinct camps. One who wants things to stay just the way they are with no advancements. Just leave it in the past and they will be happy. The other camp that want all the new stuff and the benefits it brings. First there was the I don't want electronic ignition, points are where it's at. Then there was I don't want fuel injection and now it's woh eth me they have gone and made an electronic headlamp!

CAN bus never has and never will stop you putting anything on your bike. It's a data network similar to say your Internet connection. Would you blame your Internet connection when something in your house screws up? It's the ZF unit that stops you messing about. Simple enough to bypass with your own fuse box off the battery should you wish.
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