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Originally Posted by Merlin III View Post
If I ever start a ride report, I will finish it.
Big talk is easy. Lets see a RR from you.

I have never started a ride report that I have not finished. I even keep an archive of all of my ride reports on my personal website. So what is your point on this?

Originally Posted by Merlin III View Post
If the report is just for you, why publish it?
Where in my post did I say that I only do RRs for me?
Are you trying to make things up to justify the fact that your statements have no basis?

Originally Posted by Merlin III View Post
Do you want to end up in the ADV hall of shame forever immortalized with as an incomplete ride report writer?
No chance of this ever happening. Once again, making statements without any basis.

Originally Posted by Merlin III View Post
The minute you start publishing a report on this site you are in effect asking people to invest their time in your story. It is very similar to fishing. You put your bait out there and you check in often to see if you have gotten any hits.
That statement makes you sound like a self-proclaimed expert on something that YOU have never done. When I post a RR I am not asking anyone to invest their time or to even read my RR. I post RRs for the benefit of family members and friends that have requested that I do so. I do it for them and for anyone else that might enjoy reading it. No one is under any requirement to read it or even open the post.

My RR post comply accordingly with the rules of the forum that I am posting on. Please show me where, on any motorcycle forum, that the rules state that any RR must comply with any rules that you decide.

Originally Posted by Merlin III View Post
For me, it would be a major embarrassment to start a report and not finish it.
How would you know? You have never made the effort to write one.

Originally Posted by Merlin III View Post
You said: "I could care less if you read them or not. I have no obligation to you what so ever." I think that says a lot about you.
You are very correct in this statement. It does say a lot about me. It says that I do not find you anywhere near as important as you think that you are. It says that I think that you feel that you are ENTITLED to benefit from the efforts of others, that you have the right to impose your own set of rules upon others, all without putting forth any effort on your part. It says that I think that your statements are the attitude of a very arrogant, inscure, and incapable person. It says that I think that it is way past time that you get up off of the couch, actually do a few LD rides, and actually do a few RRs. It says that I think that if you ever actually started writing RRs that you would have a totally different attitude and maybe some of what you say might have a little more credibility to it.

Until you mature enough to quit your whining and write a few RRs, any communication between the two of us has ended. In order to help reduce the amount of BS that showns up on my computer, you have been added to my ignore list.
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