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winter gloves for short fat hands?

Another winter glove thread I know I know...

I actually have normal hands, but I want a pair of gloves to wear over powerlet heated liners. To give you an idea of fit, I ordered a pair of Held Warm n' Dry gloves in size 7. They fit great with the only caveat being the fingers are ever so slightly too long. If I were not planning on wearing liners underneath I would keep these and be happy. But with the liners on they are just too tight and are not comfortable. I could go up a size, but then I'll end up with fingers that are too long. So now I'm on the quest for a glove that fits a little wider/shorter so I can get a good fit with heated liners underneath. Some of the features I'm looking for:

preferably gore-tex xtrafit or similar. i.e. the liner is bonded to the shell of the glove so it doesn't come out when you take your hand out.

thin/uninsulated palm: for good control feel. I realize the heated liners will add to the bulk but it's better than starting off with a glove that's already bulky.

pre-curved: I've found that gloves with internal liners bunch up at the palm if they aren't precurved.

under the cuff gaunlet: to keep the rain out.

good protective bits like hard knuckles.

Any ideas?
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