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Originally Posted by crofrog View Post
I think allot of it has to do with the things people use to mount tires. You put Ru-glyde all over the tire and it's going to be slippery for it a bit until it's dry or worn off...
Shops have tire machines. They don't use lubes. Nah, new tires are not slippery because of mold release chemicals simply because they aren't used anymore. At least from the major brands.

I've probably spent $50,000 on motorcycle road race tires in recent years. This thread is pure baloney. The last tires I ever had to have scrubbed, were Michelin's in 1998 for a Ducati Superlite. The very next season we tried racing Michelins for a couple rounds of Aprilia Cup. No scrubbing required. We moved on to Dunlops after that. Dunlop even gave us tires for awhile.


Dropping motorcycles is very common among us sporting types. It ain't the tires bonehead.
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