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Originally Posted by herrdirektor View Post
I say 2014 will be the year of the GSA, since BMW has made changes in their production/quality lines. They will be capable pull it off to release, pretty sure about that. My dealer thinks 2014 too, and he visits Germany often enough. Time will tell.

Just as I was thinking that my previous R1200GSA (2008) was just about the fugliest bike BMW could ever think of, they came out with the design of this new WC boxer. Bravo, bravo ! It is so ugly, it blots out the sun, thus increasing the adventure experience too. Only thing for me left is to wait for an even uglier ADV version, and yours truly will return to the realm of the GS world. For now I'm by far too happy with my totally different animal, the K1300S. (My R80 1992 boxer does take part in this or any discussion).

Opening my oversize bag of popcorn, and awaiting the developments.

Yeah. If they make the 14 GSA in matte purple with chartreuse accents, a neon-yellow frame and a huge, leaky plastic tank (12 gal. or so), that'll be just perfect!!
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