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On a dirt road in the forest, I came upon a car going my direction just as she stops to talk to another person, drivers conversing through their driver's side windows. I stop my 950 and wait since there was no room to sneak by on either side with my saddle bags attached. Driver facing towards me obviously sees me. The woman going my direction looks in her mirror at me, too. I wait some more. The 950 ain't a quiet bike, even at idle, so they must surely hear me. I know they're not deaf, because I don't see sign language going on. Now it felt like a long time, but maybe only 2 minutes. Eventually, we all start to go on our merry way. Except she doesn't pull over to let me pass. She hogs the entire road, taking her own sweet time. This is one of those tight roads through the trees, so passing areas are limited (again, with Zega cases on the 950). It took a mile or two to finally get by her (with no assistance on her part). I didn't try to roost her, but I certainly did not make the cleanest of passes, either. Lucky for her, it was pretty much a dirt road and didn't have many rocks when I finally made the pass.

So, am I an asshole? Maybe. I was hot and ticked off by the time I got by. Stooping to someone's level just because they act a certain way doesn't sound like a teachable moment to my kids, however. Pointing out someone's bad behavior doesn't justify your own.
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