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Originally Posted by scrannel View Post
characterized by pessimism, envy, suspicion, sarcasm... and blocking the road."

It's simply a case of fact vs opinion.

My opinion is that people hogging the road or not "helping" others pass is that they are more than likely assholes but the fact is that I do not know them. Maybe they aren't great riders. Maybe they just aren't understanding of the "I want to pass you" type of signal. Maybe they have some other reason. The other truth is that (on a two lane road like 129) they really don't have any obligation to accommodate you unless they are riding below the speed limit or below the average speed of other motorists.

Me? I hate it when people won't let me pass and when I am the "slow" guy on the road, I do my best to allow others to safely pass. I also understand that is what I want to do and that no one needs to oblige me one way or another.
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