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Originally Posted by motocopter View Post
Dry weight, wet weight, it really is all about how the bike carries its weight, right? With mass closer to the ground and the bike would feel lighter.

So to use weights in determining a bike purchase, shouldn't the buyer also straddle the bike considered?

My Goldwing didn't feel heavy as long as I didn't tilt it more than a few degrees but, my C14 at a few hundred pound lighter feels just as heavy. If either were to get past a point of no return, I'm jumping out of the way.

Want to experience heavy? Get on a BossHoss.
Low CG feels light when stopped since you're pivoting around the contact patch and the CG moves laterally, but High CG feels light when moving since you're pivoting around the CG and the contact patch moves laterally (and provides the roll forces, hence the longer moment arm of a high CG translating to lighter feel).

2 bikes with the same mass and CG location can still be differentiated by different moments of inertia about various axes, and the spinning crank can change the moment about the two axes around which it doesn't spin and this influence changes with RPM, as does the influence of the spinning wheels and theblahblahblahblahblah.

Sitting on doesn't give the same info as riding, and riding in one set of conditions doesn't give the same info as riding in another, and you get used to some things and not to others, and pretty soon the only way to really get to know a bike is to buy it and really get to know it.

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