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Originally Posted by motoretro View Post
buickid & Beezer,

1964 Maicoletta 250cc Scooter............Perhaps a new 6V Battery along with battery tender would be a better choice. I'm concerned I may come across a mechanical problem
while trying to get this to fire up and the battery may end up sitting for a while, parts are scarce.
thanks for all the info.

This. Get a gel battery.

I had one of those scooters years ago. The starter setup is really weird. It bounces the engine back and forth against compression until it makes it over TDC and fires up. Aside from the starter-generator and cooling fan, the bottom end is stock Maico motorcycle. Yours may actually be 277 cc judging from the date. The cylinder and head are unique to the scooter. The porting is designed for torque, and the piston skirt has transfer ports in it. I used a 277 scooter piston and barrel in my Maico enduro sidecar rig back then.
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