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Another great thread from Dave! And thanks also to all who have shared. When I found ADV Rider a few years ago during a random search for bike maintenance tips, who would have thought I would eventually be enraptured by a report on how to write a report? While I admit I start reading more of these stories than I finish, I believe each has its own value.

Like many of us, I'm a dreamer. I enjoy the reports that combine the nitty gritty with the "adventure". The technical information some share allows me to relate to the voyage. I can imagine myself in the garage prepping, packing. On the road dealing with the blessings and limitations of modern technology. The emotions felt pulling into the driveway after what seems like an epic journey, even if it's only a day trip.

I'm also human. Things happen. We start these things with the best intentions. Some rides are still true adventures and the reports that tell the tale are worthy of publication or even a movie deal while others tend toward the banal, but still may contain valuable information to someone considering a similar trip.

Originally Posted by Merlin III View Post
If I ever start a ride report, I will finish it. If the report is just for you, why publish it? Do you want to end up in the ADV hall of shame forever immortalized with as an incomplete ride report writer? The minute you start publishing a report on this site you are in effect asking people to invest their time in your story. It is very similar to fishing. You put your bait out there and you check in often to see if you have gotten any hits. Is there anyone here who doesn't look back at their reports to see who is reading them and to answer any questions?

For me, it would be a major embarrassment to start a report and not finish it. You said: "I could care less if you read them or not. I have no obligation to you what so ever." I think that says a lot about you.

I didn't mean to make my initial post anything more than a recommendation to writers. I realize some writers have legitimate reasons for not finishing their RRs and I stated that in my initial post. Good luck in life Dude!
After spending way too many Alaskan winter days reading other Inmate's contributions I felt it was important for me to do so as well. To take an active part in this thing that gave me so much enjoyment. The problem was I felt most of the rides I did were so well covered that there was nothing left for me to add. But what the hell. I went for it and felt like it was going well until it didn't. I got caught up in something else (probably riding) and after a while the comments ceased and so did the report. But it was an attempt at the kind I would like to read: a little history ala Colebach, a focus on details inspired by Dr. Rock, and a truly fun ride thanks to Southeast Alaska and KTM, all served up with cool links as a nod to LittleWan. The part I had the most difficulty with were the photos. Sorry Dave!

Anyway, it was my bad starting something and not finishing it but I'm certainly not ashamed. Now, after some water under the bridge and the help of this thread, I'm determined to try again.

So, after all that typing which you'll probably just skim through anyway, what do I have to add? If you want to write an awesome report you only need four things:

Three chords and the truth.

Thanks again for the inspiration everyone!

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