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I think I might have you beat. But I'll keep this brief because I'll never do it again. I have a 2008 Suzuki Wee-Strom, and yes, have no problem on the tarmac, this bike handles great!

I went looking for a trailhead that I planned to hike, in the Sawtooth Mountains about 110 miles north of Boise, ID. What I found intriguing was that when I found it, there was a sign that indicated it was OK to take a motorcycle on this trail. Did they mean a 450 lb. dual-sport? Clearly not. Did they mean a bike with turn signals, and (mostly) street tires? Nope. Did I care? Apparently not.

The trail was smooth and wide at first, not wide enough for an ATV even, but wide. The there were the two-foot wide bridges over the marshy areas should have been my first clue. The dusty whoop-dee-dos with fist-sized rocks should have been my second. But no, I rode that bike right down into a canyon with a tiny stream at the bottom. When I tried to get up the other side, that's when I found out I'd been had. Three miles from the nearest dirt road.

I tried to turn it around to go around the steep part of the hill and just managed to break the left turn signal. Lucky for me, some desert racers came by and helped me turn it around, and one of them rode it up the first hill back the way we'd come. I thought I could take it the rest of the way, so they rode on after telling me where they were camped. All I managed to do was break the other turn signal . . . that bike comes down really hard when it falls over I picked it up yet again and parked it at the side of the trail on a level spot. Walked out and waited for them to get back to their campsite. A couple of them went two-up and rode it all the way out for me. I think I might be eligible for honorary Darwin award for that one.
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