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Originally Posted by SkunkWizard View Post
I just bumped into this thread. I dabble in composites in my garage every day.
About 90 % of the C/F stuff I do gets painted. I did make a few parts for my DR but my specialty is race cars

I wanted a low fender for the DR so I modified an old Bultaco Pursang fender, made molds and did it with a few plies of C/F and Kevlar

also made case guards with 15 plies Kevlar and 1 ply 8 harness on the outside

I designed, built the mold and C/F VARTM this tail over the summer

I recomend the next can of wax you buy for what you are doing Meguiars #8 mold release
I have many Vacuum pumps, a good starter for the money is one from Harbor Freight it's .
ebay is a source also
also a good source for supplies
I buy all my Epoxy resin from PTM&W (after searching the best resin systems for many years)
I've been doing race cars for 12 years after leaving the airlines as a composite tech for 25 years
I made spare parts and repaired this car since new untill retirement. went with the team for years including the 24 LeMans
Skunk, that is some awesome work! I laughed when I saw your blue and CF DR fairing. As you may have seen in one of my previous posts, I'm a big fan of blue painted and CF parts. I love it!!

The race car composite work is crazy! The pic that you posted of your resin infusion (I'm guessing) part is nuts! How long does it take you to lay up, bag, and infuse a part like that? It looks pretty complicated...

Anyhow, thanks for posting, man! I love it when others post their composites projects on the thread. If you have more pictures please post them.
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