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Originally Posted by lenny6753 View Post
Is it advisable to place dielectric grease in the electrical connections on the main relay where the adapters connect together? I am troubleshooting the electrics from when the bike died earlier in the week on the way to work. I haven't found anything yet but I really don't know what I am looking for other than loose connections or worn through wires.
Which fuses if any are blown? Start there. That can tell you which way to look. If it's like mine you are looking for the wrong source. So far I had a shorted cooling fan manifested by blown fuses on power relay and cooling fan and a second power relay blown fuse due to a somewhat mysterious source.I suspect the fuel pump strained due to a kinked fuel tank breather hose which created vacuum in the tanks. This latter one is a bit of a stretch but it's so far the only explanation I could come up with. No wire and connections issue that I could find but maybe your's is different.
If you suspect a device is blown open or shorted try to figure out how to take it out of the circuit. In the fan's case, it was as simple as unplugging it and replacing the fuse to get the bike running. Of course I later replaced the fan.
Yes, the use of dielectric grease on electrical connections is good practice.
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