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Originally Posted by JerryH View Post
I have an XT225. But the thing that got my attention about the SymWolf 150 was first it's styling, and the fact that it has a centerstand. Even the Symba would be a real problem on a long distance ride without a centerstand. Lack of one could even get you into big trouble much closer to home.
I used to always be desirous of a centerstand, but I've changed and no longer think it's necessary, even for bigger bikes such as my DR650, which is still relatively lightweight. On my DR650, I just stick one of the luggage pieces under the swingarm or under the bashplate. The smaller bikes I find an object to use or just lay them on their side. But I don't have any physical limitation that prevents me from just muscling them around.

The Sym Wolf 150 is very attractive in terms of styling.
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