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Fuel pump issues?


This past weekend I was following the Pharaons Rally in Egypt and it appears when the fuel level in my tank gets low I dont get fuel to the carb.

So I think the fuel pump is not working properly and the bike is working fine only when gravity is feeding fuel to the carb... Does anyone who what I should check, get fixed replace in the fuel pump?

Here is what happen...
The fuel was above the reserve point and I would be riding at a good speed and it would stutter or die, I would stop, move the bike side to side and then it would start up. Just like if I had run out of fuel. Switching to reserve did not help. Added fuel and it was perfect.

Another time something similar happened where I emptied the tank to the reserve and it would sputter until i put more fuel... IOW the carb gets fuel only due to gravity and the fuel pump is not doing its job.
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