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Q to those who have a few miles on these tyres.

What pressure have you been using on bitumen?

Circumstances have prevented me for doing much at all on mine, and now it's approaching summer.

Every previous car tyre I've used, I've run around 30-32psi.
With these, I know the sidewall is really soft, and assume the compound isn't designed for high speed sealed roads, let alone summer.

So, what's the thinking?

Front (bike tyres) I lately run low, around 25psi. I used to use around 30psi.
Sidecar (bike tyres) varies with load, from 25 to 30psi.

I've never taken much notice of mileage or age.

I've never really taken the time to do much experimentation either.

My prime objective has always been to avoid punctures. I hate punctures. Possibly the worst problem on a bike, 'cause you can see the problem but fixing it is so fraught with tears and frustration.
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