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Originally Posted by swimmer View Post
Yes, money to the LA promotion charity rolled in.

I like Phil Leggets commentary but the guy is just a talking head for livestrong and LA. The first person evidence against this guy is overwhelming.

The only people who think LA didn't dope are the ones who don't follow cycling. If the organization administering the doping results is corrupt then what?

Bottom line, if he was innocent why didn't he fight the charges. Because his good friends who made a lot of money off of their association with him would all of a sudden lie about him? Hardly. He can outspend the opposition many times over in legal fees, so how could he loose?

The only thing that has become more apparent from all of stories written about him over the last few years by journalists, other cyclists and others involved in professional cycling that besides being a doper the guy is a prick.

Sorry cheater, karma is a bitch.

And the shit will hit the fan in a few days.
BS ... the $$$ rolled in because LOTS of people recognized Lance was not given a fair shake.

totally agree with his decision of not fighting USADA's no win situation. what part of NOT fair do you not understand?

charging someone without one shred to hard evidence ... so what USADA managed to line up 10 people to testify... besides using proven liars... wonder what types of threats were used to get rest of folks to testify? on top of not releasing who is going to testify.... they will not release what their charges are based on.

it's been several months now and they still have not provided to UCI what their charges are based on? reason for delay, USADA is supposedly gathering more evidence, after the fact??? ... what horse shit!

NONE of above has anything to do with if Lance cheated or not... but more of a lack of fair play. like going back 12 years ... statue of limitations has long expired under USADA's own rules.

the list goes on of all the bull manure USADA pulled to justify it's own existence.

have read all your links... I see NOTHING that justifies what USADA has done. so what one person says blood manipulation, who cares?. what really counts is NO official testing lab has come up with a positive test. including evidence of blood manipulation.

what I believe is the US attorney's office. after spending 40 million of US tax payers dollars. you can bet your ass, if there was ONE shred of hard evidence ANYWHERE. the DA would have been on it like stink on shit.

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