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The most talented dirt rider I knew, had a car pull out on him, is only decisions as he began to brake was hit her door or the passenger door. He did experience the brain processing speed increase we all have. Wreck happening in slow motion, maximum braking, hit her door or back door, no kids, hit back. He tried to jump the car. He said be scrubbed off only 25 or so MPH when he hit, broke both legs on car he thought. Impact of harley going 30 mph on car is impressive. Car was mashed in several feet. Driver would be dead if he had hit her door.

He healed up fairly well, but used even more alcohol to deal with the pain. That got him years later. He was a good guy.

That there is a zone of no escape, where if the other driver does X, you will crash. Making that zone as small as possible figures in my riding decision making. yesterday I had a car inside that zone start to creep forward. You never know if it is just creeping or a prelude to hitting the throttle. I hit the brakes hard, and they stopped. I pointed my finger (no not that finger) at them and then waved as I rode by. I hope it sunk in that creeping in front of a motorcyclist can alarm them. Yea right. They probably wondered why I slowed down so much. After all, they knew they were only creeping.

Best wishes to you for a good full recovery. You were simply in the no escape zone, and took your best option. You still are.

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