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Last Sat we started shooting my 1937 mosin out to 5-600 yrds, the open sights with the factory slide/yardage. Was almost dead on for distance . really impressed.

I'm not sure the mosin would shoot tight, neat groups at 300m, but for the intended purpose (man size target at medium range in large numbers), I wouldnt want to be on the other end.

For the hundred bucks, it's a hoot
Some of those rifles are VERY good, but I think it is a luck of the draw type thing.....just depends on how Olga cleaned and packed the thing up before it was stored in a cave somewhere in the soviet union. I have 3 91/30's one hex, one round, and one sniper repro....they all shoot well enough to hit in a torso sized target.

With the animals some of them are a pretty good size....and the guy above is right you have to knock it over....ours sat on a bit of wood that looked like part of a RR tie only about twice as wide.

That is one thing I liked about this game vs. high power the black rifle group need not apply. The arasaka did knock down the animals, but I think I did get could hear the hits on others. Next time I get to do it I think I will try the MAS 36 or 98k....I just like shooting the old military rifles.
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