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Originally Posted by jaumev View Post
You're right, they are looking the costs between leaving it in its aluminium natural colour or anodized but never painted.
I don’t want it in black, you can see all the scratches.

Do you change oil every 3 weeks??, how many miles you do????

It’s not so difficult, you only need to remove the two bolts in the front and 4 in the back
im over 27000 in 7 months. sometimes in 2 weeks. i change oil every 2500 miles. rumbux has 6 also but once i switched out the lucknuts and lock washers for clip on extruded nuts it sped things up quite a bit. i dont know how they colored theirs but i beat it quite bad at cromag and its still black on the bottom. that one looks good. good luck with it
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