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Originally Posted by K2m View Post
But Lucas many of us have them already and would benefit with a stand alone device, which is what I am asking about. Not one built into another battery.

Would this work for example.....

The input voltage seams good, DC in 10v - 18v, but would it be robust enough for vehicle use ...... :-)

I'm chucking ideas about that's all.......... as I find this very interesting
0.6 amp max is a bit weak for a vehicle. You need to get at least 1 amp into the battery. That's why Battery Tender Jrs.
don't really bring them back from a voltage drop. Yes of course we sell them. The other balance chargers like the one Ballistic sells require hooking up to the battery terminals plus the balance port on the battery.

These just plug right in to Shorai or any model with a balance port.
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