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Originally Posted by ebrabaek View Post
I am going to tell you something you don't want to hear...... It is not worth the time, as you will be sanding, and filling, and buffeting yourself to death. Hands is faster to make another one. That said....Before you make another one.... A few things to consider..... After the release agent has dried..... Mix a little batch of epoxy to coat the plug once......
Mix it above 80 deg, but below 90..... after mixing.... set it under a heat lamp....elevate it to 105 deg...... watch all the bubbles pop....Well ....most of them. You are stressing the resin, but on a small piece like this.....not an issue. Or.... heat the plug to 120 deg.....under a heat lamp, and watch the bubbles pop, as you lay down the first layer..... Get the last remaining bubbles with the acetone squirt. Apply two layers this way. It is important that you undestand that you are playing with fires..... But it can work in your benefit.
Shopping list:

-heat lamp
-new chemical resistant spray bottle (my other one broke)

Another issue...

When applying the first (finish) layers of epoxy on either a plug to make a mold, or in a female mold to make a part, how does one keep the epoxy from sagging, or slipping into the low areas?
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