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Originally Posted by Kent Glasscock View Post
My sister's boyfriend is a cop and I asked him if I could do it and he said that if traffic was stopped or at an almost standstill and you're going through slowly he wouldn't have a problem with it. But that's him. Other police may not think so. They would probably ticket you for reckless driving. Here in Winston Salem, it is backed up on a occasion but not every day. Raleigh and Charlotte are different. Maybe it depends on the city? DC is huge, NYC is huge, Atlanta is huge. Cops got a lot of other stuff going on with traffic than wether or not some guy is filtering.
I do it fairly regularly here in Atlanta when traffic is super backed up (usually on the freeways). I've ridden right past numerous Atlanta and DeKalb Co. police and never had a problem. A few months ago I was splitting up I-85 and ahead of me was a Georgia State Patrol car. He saw me and jutted his car out into the space to send me a "don't do that" kind of message. I read it loud and clear so I just ducked into a lane a few cars back and waited.

I think the big distinction is between the urban cops and the staties. The state troopers, I think, tend to be from the country and don't understand city-style driving/riding.
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