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Originally Posted by Little Bike View Post
Thanks for the advice/information! The cornering skills sound like riding street. I'm planning on touring so I won't be able to up and down the tire pressure, but would this be something to do while I'm learning?
This all pertains to a KLR650 on Shinko 705s.

If I'm riding 80% offroad for the day I run 14 to 16 psi.

If it's a 50/50 day I run ~18 psi.

If I'm doing a looooong day in the saddle but know I'll hit a little dirt, I run ~20psi.

For my weekly commuting (100% pavement) I run 40psi.

Keep in mind this is on a much heavier dual sport. On such a small bike you probably could lower all my suggestions 2psi. The only real issue with even lower pressures is the chance of pinch flats and bent rims. Fortunately you don't really have to worry about those until you are below about 10 psi. I run mine a tidge high and don't adjust up and down throughout the day. If I did I'd be stopping 50 times a day to air up or down.
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