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Alaska on a KLR

I suppose I am like some of you guys on the forum, I invision myself as a world traveler on a bike. I have riden dirt bikes and street bikes for a number of years and finally 4 years ago purchased a 1200 GS with big dreams. Luckily the bike did go off road a few times but the biggest adventure was rolling down the highway commuting to work. Foolishly I sold the bike for many reasons but none of them were the right ones. Fast forward to a few weeks ago I received an opportunity to ride Alaska on a KLR650 with Motoquest. Great opportunity but having little kids at home was going to make this a challenge, luckily I chose to go. Long story short I rode for 7 days through Alaska with a group and had a complete blast. Things I learned, take your time and enjoy every minute. All roads lead to Rome, don't sweat it, you will eventually get somewhere. Stock Suspension stinks, I rode a stock rental and I rode one outfitted with Progressive shocks in the rear and a cartridge kit in front, what a difference. Sleep in a tent, if you stay in a hotel you will miss half of the fun and beauty.Seriously, I will add to this post later with more detail, I am at work right now, but the ride was a life changer. Getting back on the bike as my permanent transportation. (Unfortunately the GS is gone so I have to ride my CX500 cafe bike for a bit until I figure out what bike I want and can afford.) And to make sure Progressive offers suspension for my next ride.Here are a few pics.

Somewhere near Anchorage just after lunch. This is as dry as I would be for the next 4 hours. I have to hand it to the Fly gear I got. It was not expensive and it did a great job of keeping me dry. I did end up wet after 2 1/2 hours of rain at 80 mph but it could have nbeen worse.

The old KLR, soon to be my best friend. Honestly, on the way home I was seriously considering one of these bikes. It did fantastic. Trails to highway and twisties, tons of fun and the ride was great. I rode one up no bags, two up no bags and two up with bags and with an easy adjustment it was set. Ultra cool.

Camping at a place called Gracious House with the Motoquest group. The place is on the Denali Hwy at mile marker 88 I think. Great food and a fun place to be. I gained 8 pounds on this trip.

I will have to remember the type of tent this was. I am 6'4" and this tent fit me and my gear. It was tight but it packed small and kept me dry with no rain fly. And, it did rain alot.

Watercrossings were a blast. Note, turn off the ABS if your bike is equipped. As we were watching our fellow riders cross a larger stream we were surprised at the expression on one guys face as he came flying into the group of bikes and rearended my KLR and 2 other bikes. When we picked him up he said he forgot to turn off the abs. No one was hurt except the fairing on his bike.

My future retirement home. Seriously, why would you sleep in a hotel room? I dont even own a tent, but this was heaven. In the town of Copper Center.

I was trying to be Ansel Adams, but the shot was on the way to Valdez. Just left Worthington Glacier. The view was epic.

My parting shot, also near Valdez.
I plan to add to this post, but if nothing else you have to go on a ride like this. Stop saying someday and just do it. If you are nervous about going it on your own, try Motoquest, they made it really easy and were a top notch group. As the sticker says in my goofy artsy picture, ride more, I am going to.
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