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Originally Posted by Shibby! View Post
That's what I mean though. From the rebuilds I've done, all pistons have a little "notch" on the ring gap area to stagger them. If the ring wasn't in that gap: A) I don't know how they got the piston in, B) possibly has bad wear on the cylinder?

Hopefully things look ok and it's a cheap fix. Do they have pictures?

Better news then what it could have been though! That DR can be waiting for you in Australia all the same =)
Yeah there was wear on the cylinder... but luckily not to bad and I need to have it bored out due to how tight it was.. so I think I should be good to go.. Looks like I will rage over to Uruguay real quick to make sure the bike is a go then run for Patagonia and the dang ol' Southern Tip... Then to Chile to meet my sister and godson who is flying in to travel for two weeks then ship off to ....................haha
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