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Originally Posted by SkiFastBadly View Post
From a story today in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, on motorcyle fatalities:

Some years it just seems like bad luck when a high number of riders are killed - often through no fault of their own.
In 2011, nine Wisconsin motorcyclists died when their bikes struck animals including deer, a turkey, a wolf, a horse and a cow. One rider was killed when a tree fell on him.
I'll never dare say I'm infallible but, I disagree with the part I highlighted.
Skills and observation play a large part in a riders beating the odds stacked up against them.

F.W.I.W. I have no health insurance (can't afford that AND food) but still commute daily, including all winter long (even when it snows)...that's how confident I am in my skills. (no ABS either)

When it comes to Deer vs. cagers = I'll take the Deer any time as I still think they're more predictable than people.
Warning signs are everywhere and not being able to spot them is most definitely the "fault" of the rider.

...and yes!; I'm sure my fuck-up, is on its way. (I don't kid myself that one day I'll be off my game but, it will most certainly BE MY FAULT)
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