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Originally Posted by rivercreep View Post
I'll never dare say I'm infallible but, I disagree with the part I highlighted.
Skills and observation play a large part in a riders beating the odds stacked up against them.

F.W.I.W. I have no health insurance (can't afford that AND food) but still commute daily, including all winter long (even when it snows)...that's how confident I am in my skills. (no ABS either)

When it comes to Deer vs. cagers = I'll take the Deer any time as I still think they're more predictable than people.
Warning signs are everywhere and not being able to spot them is most definitely the "fault" of the rider.

...and yes!; I'm sure my fuck-up, is on its way. (I don't kid myself that one day I'll be off my game but, it will most certainly BE MY FAULT)
What color is the sky in your world? You don't have to fuck-up to get taken out but it must be nice to assume your mighty skills will carry you through... ride on... in ignorance if you must.

I hit a deer on the bike this year. Came out of the woods 10 feet from the road on a dead run. I had enough time to get about 10 feet of brake.
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