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Starting my trailer build. I am starting at the bike and working my way back. It's going to be a single wheel job. I can get all my camping gear for a weekend into belly bag, saddle bags and back rack but I can't do all that *and* carry my glider. I built a cargo box that bolts to the back rack but with all my gear and the wing stacked to the moon the bike is too light on the front end and doesn't handle well, particularly on mountain roads (which is where I need to go fly anyway). Thanks to everyone posting in this thread for inspiration.

I had some stainless bar stock around from a project I never completed so I'm using that for my hitch attachments.

Spot welded the indexing plate. Some day I'll make myself a CNC machine. For now I have to fab stuff.

I'm not sure this gusset is necessary but it was easy to add so...

Right side temporary installed on the bike. I wont drill it for the attachment until I've made the trailer forks up. Back to the scrap pile to see what's available.
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