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It turned out that nice little rain cloud from the last picture of the previous post was the front of a storm coming in from the ocean, and it was finally time for me to repay a part of my debt for all the good weather Iíve been having on the trip .

When I woke up, the rain was still pouring down. Not as strong as the night before but I still waited a couple of hours for it to pass, sleeping in and having breakfast in the tent. It still didnít look like it was going to change, the sky was bad in all directions so I just got going at the end of the morning. I didnít go back to the cemetery to take pictures, the weather was totally crap so any pictures wouldnít turn out good anyway and I didnít want to take any camera out in this storm.

It was about 10 minutes riding to the first ferry going to Forvik, and the engine wasnít even properly warm when I got there. Had to wait half an hour for the ferry to come and got completely soaked because there was nowhere to take shelter. Luckily there was a cafeteria on board, and the crossing took almost an hour.

The next section was not very long either (only about 15 km) until the next ferry, and I had to wait there for another 20 minutes. Needless to say there was hardly any dry fiber on me left. When youíre riding in the rain the wetness only comes from the front, and you can take some shelter behind the windscreen. But this standing around when it was pouring down was a complete disaster, my gloves and boots felt were like they had been submerged. The area mustíve been beautiful, there were mountains all around but they disappeared in the low hanging clouds so I couldnít even enjoy the scenery.

I took shelter from the wind behind a shed, and I remember a moment then where I saw the bike rocking side to side on the center stand with waves of rain coming over it again and again, thinking Ďto hell with thisí. So when I got across I started looking for a cabin.

I eventually found a nice one near Vik on a campsite at the coast. The owner mustíve thought I was German, since he kept talking German to me even though I only replied in English. I got that a lot in Scandinavia (ďWhereíre you from, Germany?Ē), maybe my appearance or accent? Anyway, the cabin was a bit small and I could see light coming in between the door and the frame, but it was sheltered behind some trees and the heating worked so I was not complaining. It was still only 14:00, and I used the afternoon to enjoy the first shower in days and just in general take the rest of the day off and relax while the storm was raging outside.

I did not take any pictures that day because I wanted to keep my camera out of the storm, but overnight the weather had improved enough to be able to shoot some pics around the camping the next morning:

Nice and cozy, sheltered from the wind by some trees.

A small harbor, didnít risk myself on the weak looking wooden planks though.

I think they processed fish here, the stench was nasty. The troll silhouette on the side can be found throughout the south of Norway, and reminded me of the owner.

This had been the worst day of the trip by far, and it took my boots until around 10 that night to get dry-ish. There was a small television in the cabin, and the weather forecast told me the entire coastal region (also in the south of the country) would be rainy for the next week. I felt like I had been stretching my luck with having almost no bad weather on the trip, and sincerely hoped I wasnít out of luck. I was looking forward to more highlights like the Atlantikveien, Trollstigen, Geiranger and more...

Daily stats:
Travelled only 92 km in 02:30 with 39 km/h on average (I left the TomTom on while on the ferries, so these include the ferry sections). Currently 1560 km from home.
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