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Originally Posted by Tripped1 View Post
Look up a Les Paul SL, they are basically an SG shaped like a Les Paul. Nice and light (particularly next to a brick Studio) 60s fast neck and standard pickups. Only reason I still have a second guitar (an 82 B.C. Eagle) is that pesky 22 fret fretboard. Sometimes you gotta have those extra two frets

I never really liked that Stats, primarily because I can't stand floating bridges. I've wanted for a whammy bar exactly ONCE since I was 15. Its not a feature that I look for. When I do have a guitar with a floater on it I just jam the thing with a couple blocks of wood and call it a day.
The Studio Lite came out in the 90's. The body was made of mahogany with chromyte (balsa) inserts for lighter weight The M-III added a middle single-coil pickup to the mix. I don't think these were that popular though and are kind of sought after by collectors. A current day Gibson Les Paul Studio would probably be around 6.5-7lbs if you searched I bet. But I think it goes what the Les Paul is all about. That weight gives the LP that warm, heavy tone.
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