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Originally Posted by ragtoplvr View Post
In cases like this a trip to emergency can be helpful to get the wound properly cleaned. Expensive, but worth it. My last crash at speed, over 35 years ago, I went to emergency. They cleaned the wounds, it literally hurt no more than it did just being exposed to the air. The young lady was very gentle. She was also pretty, but not interested in me unfortunately.

I went to the ER when I did a little circus act back in 2007. I had all the gear, but was a little bruised up, so I figured what the heck, let's take a ride. ER nurses usually have NO sympathy for riders that come in. Within about 15 minutes of being in the ER, I was told they were going to give me a CT scan. I asked why, I feel OK. The nurse told me in clenched teeth, "Because you could've ripped your spleen and you could be bleeding to death internally right now!" Gee thanks for the kind thoughts.

So, something else to consider when you hit the pavement hard. A ripped spleen is pretty painless, or so I've been told.
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