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Marta & Rita's Iberian Tour

Hi there,

You canít imagine how happy I am right now while typing this on my computer. And not happy because Iím typing, donít take me wrong, but because very soon Iím going on holidays with my bike and would like to share my trip with you along the road.

Itís been a long time since my last biking holidaysÖ Almost a year and a half! Yes, have had some long biking weekends in the Alps in the meantime, but no Ďrealí biking holidays since my trip to Norway in July 2010 ( Yes, too long agoÖ

But how rude I am! Havenít properly introduced myselfÖ For those who donít know me (guess almost everybody here), this is my very quick bio: my name is Marta, I was born in Spain but Iím currently living in Switzerland. Love travelling and love motorcycles. And think the best you can do in life is travelling with your motorcycle. I do enjoy reading RR and I really admire those men and women who go on these amazing looong trips around the world. I would love to do that, but I donít have the guts to quit my job and leave. My trips are much more humble (3 week maximum) but they are important to me. And would like to share this one with you all. It makes the whole experience much more enjoyable!

So this is me:

But Iím only half of the teamÖ The other half is Rita, my brand new BMW F650GS Twin (have her only since end of June!). Earlier this year I decided to trade Heidi, my R1200GS for a smaller motorcycle. It broke my heartÖ I loved Heidi, but she was too big for me. No excuses, easy as that, too big for me. So now have Rita and think itís a pretty good fit for me!

And this is Rita:

And where are we going? Well, I have a rough idea of what Iíd like to do:

The kick off idea for this trip was to do a round tour in the Iberian Peninsula, but to be honest, donít know if Iíll end up doing the full circle or not. I just want to ride, enjoy the road, enjoy the landscape, enjoy the food and try to relax. I can tell you I suffer a bit from Ďplanning fatigueí due to my job so I just want to take things as they come and decide everyday where Iíll go the next one.

Will you join us?
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