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i've got about 2500 miles of trips coming up, the rear TKC on the bike will make the first trip, but not the second. time to order a tire, and i decided to try a Full Bore.

from the right, new FB 150/70-17, Shinko 705 150/70-17, and a Tourance 130/80-17 just for comparison.

the FB is supposed to be designed and manufactured by the same people as the Shinko, and it's pretty obvious. the tread blocks are identical except for spacing, with the Shinko having 5mm spacing in the center, while the FB has 10mm. the Tourance tread block spacing is similar to the Shinko, except fewer blocks. the photo shows the unmounted FB to be a larger diameter in the same size, but used, Shinko, and almost exactly the same as the used 130/80. the tires are spread open the same at the beads, so it will be interesting to measure it when mounted.

a report on the FB performance to follow, plenty of gravel coming up.
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