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Originally Posted by jckid View Post
I want to add a power outlet so I can run a heated vest during the winter. Is there a kit available that comes with everything I would need? And is there a write-up anywhere with step by step instructions on how to do the install? I've found lots of info on how people accomplish this, but nothing that has complete instructions on how to do it. My hubby and I have completely wired two bikes with Baja Designs dual-sport kits, and it was easy, but that was because we had step by step instructions. We've also wired accessories on my Jeep, but again, with instructions.
If you use a battery tender, you can use the same pigtail on the bike to power the vest while riding. Just make up an sae to gerbing [or other] adapter, assuming you know how to solder and use shrink tubing.
I am sure there are kits to get as fancy as you want, also.
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