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Originally Posted by moto-treks View Post
I'm guessing there is something in the mount that is drawing power.
There are no active electrical components in the Cable that attaches to the AMPS Rugged Mount. In addition, I have left my Montana in my mount for the past 24hrs with no reduction in battery charge. My mount is wired to the CANBus on my 2011 GS Adv so I know that the power will be completely disconnected when the CANBus power is shout done 45sec after I turn the key off.

If I had the electrical schematics for the Montana power management system I could tell you if there was any possible way to have "leakage current" from the Montana; e.g, if there were a "drain" on the 12vdc external lines. But alas, I don't have those schematics. Disconnect your Mount power at the source (battery?) and see if you have battery drain with the unit in the mount - as Emmbeedee suggested.

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