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Originally Posted by switchback View Post
I live in Utah, we have no moisture here.

Max, the last thing I want to do is remount a tire every 3000 miles (in my experience). Still, with how hard this stuff gets there is still no way it will seal a hole after curing. Enough said, and read my other posts in the Vendor section, I give credit where it is earned. Not here to bash any person or product without warrant.
I understand. I may have sounded defensive but truly it has performed for me. I have taken a seal pick (like a small ice pick) and punctured the left front tire on my car at least ten times for sales demonstrations. The product splutters out for a few seconds and that is the end of it. Sealed without any leakage. I put around 6,000 miles on the tire while demonstrating without any harm to the tire.

I still use the product in my bikes tubes. I never have to add air after the bike sits for a while. I'm sorry for your trouble with the product. Thanks for your input and ride safe!
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