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Originally Posted by FinnDuro View Post
Hiya Rob, nice 990 you got there. As for me, I wasn't really looking for a replacement to the X, rather something slightly different this time. With the winter getting closer by the week here in Finland, I wanted to opt for a lighter bike, at least for time being. And at the same time, I wanted to see if a "very light adventure bike" were a possibility. So, I turned my eyes on big bore race bred enduros. Market is very limited at the moment hereabouts, but I managed to find what looks to be a pearl: a KTM 500 EXC Six Days -12 model, easy 40h and 1500km on the clock. I'm very biased to the Six Days -12 model, with being the Finnish ISDE specialty, with cool Finnish flag sticker sets, and all the Six Days trick parts. Let's see, I've yet to actually ride it properly. The bike should definately be up to the challenge, let's see if I am.

Anyways, enough of my petty bike stuff - back to discussions on Xchallenge!
funny thing that .I have been thinking along these lines also . give it a big gas tanka bigger oil capacity maybe a thicker base gasket .
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