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Originally Posted by DRTBYK View Post
The only way the Montana would know if it were in the mount would be if there were an active component in the cable or even a resistor between input lines so that the Montana's power management circuitry could detect the condition. I've disassembled a Montana mount cable end-to-end and there are no such components. So, the only way the battery can drain in a short (few days) amount of time is if the battery is bad or there is a problem in the Montana itself.

The Montana does completely shut down when power is removed and the unit is "told" to power off. Just like if you remove the battery. There is no circuit board battery that keeps the "unit" alive when the external battery is removed.

Ok then if it doesn't drain the battery while on my desk for weeks at a time without power but it does drain the battery when left in the unpowered mount (which it doesn't know it's in) then the unit is bad? Not sure I follow that logic.

Anyway, it's in the mount now with 97% on the battery meter - we'll see what it looks like after a few days. BTW, the 97% is from sitting on my desk being lightly used over the past 3 weeks.
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