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Originally Posted by hugemoth View Post
The old 2 stroke Vespas were designed to be laid over on the right side, without damage, to have the wheel changed. It would rest on 3 points, the kick start lever, the edge of the floorboard, and the throttle grip. Changing a rear tire took all of 5 minutes, the front took 3, if you were slow. IMO that was a major advantage over today's scoots and all motorcycles.

I got a flat on my Stella, and it was easier than changing a bicycle tire.

On the Harleys, If you carry a small C-Clamp and a few levers, you can pull the tube and patch the tire without removing the wheel. If its a tube ripping blowout, yer outta luck

When I woods raced, I always kept my tires bloatated way more than anyone else, and never had to tree-stump or boulder straddle at the checkpoints to fix pinch flats . . . a little squirmier for sure, but better than having to pull a splooge caked tire/tube in the rain
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