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Originally Posted by DavidBanner View Post
my thoughts exactly. sometimes (most of the time) people are moving slowly for a reason. go buy a lottery ticket...take a break...or even quit riding...or even ride whenever you feel like it...whatever you do, make sure it's right for you. good luck.

big danger here is the multi-car pass...sure, the first one is easy...but you build up a head of steam if you're accelerating all the way. you can easily be doubling the prevailing speed (in your haste to minimize the time on the left) then end up with no more outs and no ability to stop in time if there's an obstruction. my personal strategy for multi-car passes is to keep the speed differential down to 10-15mph plus. that way if anyone ends up wanting to pull out, turn, or whatever...i'll still be able to abort the pass and duck in. if there isn't space due to oncoming traffic...patience tends to work.

Good strategy, thanks for the insight.
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