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Originally Posted by bighairless View Post
What color is the sky in your world? You don't have to fuck-up to get taken out but it must be nice to assume your mighty skills will carry you through... ride on... in ignorance if you must.

I hit a deer on the bike this year. Came out of the woods 10 feet from the road on a dead run. I had enough time to get about 10 feet of brake.

I guess a big difference between us, (I apologize if I'm making a wrong assumption here) is that I commute the same routes every day and know where their routine crossings are for some added peace of mind.
Put me in a new area and I'll take the time to get to look for their crossing paths before I have any fun on the new roads.
As for my skills carrying me through, I learned a few things the hard way but, can say in retrospect, all of my get offs have been my fault due to ignorance. = I'm not so ignorant anymore and with my aged skills (accident free all-weather/snow rider now for the past 15 yrs)...I feel more aware than ever before.
If situational awareness is ignorance = I'm blessed with a shit-ton of it.

I've hit 1 deer in my past, and even then; managed to scrub off enough speed while staying upright, that I came to a stop under the bastards belly and got to watch it try and tangle itself in the spokes of my front wheel as it lept for its life. We both went our seperate paths unharmed. (and yet!...I still can't hit the lottery)
Peripheral vision = it's a wonderful thing to use. (I've learned there's lots to be seen through all the dense scrub-brush if you learn what to look for...and my polarized lenses help an awful lot, as do all-weather amber lights {that show improved contrast @ night} vs the normal white/blue headlights that everyone else sticks with.)

HID lights might be brighter but, it doesn't mean that you can see more.
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